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Can my FICO® Credit Score change over time?

FICO® Scores don't change, or change by 20 points or less, for 89% of people each month. The FICO® Score we provide you is based on the information in your Experian credit report at a snapshot in time. As the information in your credit report changes, your score may also change.

How often will my Credit Scorecard be refreshed?

Your Credit Scorecard is refreshed the later of every 30 days or the next time you log in for as long as the product is available.

Will receiving this affect my credit score?

No. Access to the FICO® Score we provide will never negatively impact your FICO® Score.

Why is Discover providing me with a FICO® Credit Score and Credit Scorecard?

90% of top lenders use FICO® Credit Scores, including Discover, among other information when they make their credit decisions, and many have for more than 20 years. We think that everyone should be informed about their credit score so that they can avoid surprises. We want you to check your Credit Scorecard without worry which is why we offer it for free.

How do lenders use FICO® Credit Scores and credit reports?

Most lenders use your FICO® Credit Score and information from your credit report among other information to help make more informed credit decision.

What type of information is included in my Discover Credit Scorecard?

Your Discover Credit Scorecard includes your FICO® Credit Score and summary information about the total number of accounts, length of credit, number of recent inquiries, revolving credit utilization and number of missed payments.

I got my FICO® Credit Score from somewhere else, why is it different?

Your FICO® Credit Score reflects a general snapshot of your credit history at a specific point in time. As the information on your credit report changes over time, your FICO® Score may change. Additionally, FICO® Scores can be generated using different models and different data. For example, data used by one of the three national credit bureaus may be different than data used by another.

What’s the difference between FICO® Credit Scores and other credit scores?

The FICO® Score we provide is the FICO® Score 8, based on information from your Experian credit report, and has a score range of 300-850 where higher scores equate to lower risk. FICO® Scores are used by 90 percent of U.S. lenders in their credit decisions. You should be aware that there are other credit score types offered in the marketplace. Some of these are classified as educational scores, and are not actually used by lenders to make credit decisions. While these scores are based on an individual's credit bureau data, the underlying math used to generate the scores is different between the scoring types, often resulting in a different score value.

I think my FICO® Score may be incorrect.

It is important to know that FICO® Scores are derived from data in your credit report. So if you think your FICO® Score may be incorrect, there may be incorrect credit bureau information affecting your credit score. You can request a free annual Experian Credit Report at and review it for accuracy. To dispute any information on your Experian credit report, visit and select Disputes under the tab "Credit Report Assistance". On the following page, click on "Start a new dispute online" and follow the instructions on screen.

What should I do if I suspect identity theft on my Credit Scorecard?

If you suspect identity theft, contact the credit bureaus and your lenders immediately with this information.